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Publix Pharmacy Coupons

Publix Pharmacy coupons are you best way to save money on prescriptions and drugs at your Publix supermarket. The grocer offers regular coupons and pharmacy discounts in local newspapers, magazines, as well as on online printable pharmacy coupons from websites and forums. Submit your own Publix coupons and codes in the comments below, and let us know if the codes here helped you save money on your Publix prescriptions.

Coupons for Publix Pharmacy

You can start looking for coupons, discounts and special offers for Publix Pharmacy on the Publix official website at www.publix.com. From there you can click on “coupons” at the top of the page. One the next page you can click on “save here” for weekly ads, “coupons” and “Publix brands”. All of these may include coupons that can be used at the pharmacy. If you cannot find the coupons you want on the official website, you can do a search for “Publix Pharmacy coupons” on Google or any other search engine. You will find sites such as www.dealtaker.com, www.hotcouponworld.com and www.afullcup.com. Be sure to check that coupons on any of these sites are valid, as stores tend to be pretty strict about expiration dates. Sometimes user ratings and reviews will assist you in determining validity. If you print a coupon be sure it is legible and not altered or it will not be valid, and you won’t receive the discount at the cash register. If you have any questions about any coupons, contact the staff at Publix Pharmacy for more information.

Where can I use Publix Pharmacy Coupons?

coupons for publix pharmacyPublix Super Markets, Inc. holds its headquartered in Lakeland, Florida. It was founded in April 19 of 1930 by Mr. George Jenkins. The first store opened to the public in Winter Haven, Florida. That one small grocer has since blossomed into just over 1,000 super market stores, as well as a handful of convenience stores owned and operated by Publix. The many Publix stores are located throughout Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. The corporation employes close to 150,000 people and generates over $24 billion in annual revenue.

The first Publix pharmacy opened in 1986 in a Florida store. By the mid-nineties, 33% of Publix stores had pharmacies and, currently, over 80% have a full-service pharmaceutical setup in their store.

What’s Publix Pharmacy Coupons Policy?

One of the best things about Publix pharmacy is the fact that they will accept just about anybody else’s coupons, whether it’s Ralph’s, Walmart, Walgreens or any other major chain. Of course the terms on the original coupon still apply, and it must be valid and original, as opposed to copied or scanned without permission. Of course, the items must be identical, so if you’re getting a refil of Adderall or any other qualifying medication, make sure the coupons match for dosage and specific variety of medicine. Also, you can’t save any more than the medication actually costs – so you can’t pull one of those great coupon trips like on reality shows where the shoppers actually end up getting money back from the store when their total is tallied. Of course Publix is entirely at leisure to decide whether or not to accept a printed, paper, online or competitor’s pharmacy coupon, so make sure it’s clearly legible and not expired.

Other Places to Find Savings

coupon for publix pharmacyPublix pharmacy is most popular in the Southeast region of the United States, mainly within areas of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama. If you’re looking for more places to save money on your Publix prescriptions, start by looking in both local and regional newspapers. In Florida, these would be publications serving areas such as Tampa, Jacksonville (The Florida Times-Union, Orlando (Sentinel), Fort Lauderdale (em>Sun Sentinel), Miami (Em>Miami Herald, New Times), and Cape Coral (Daily Breeze, News Press). Each one of these printed editions is a likely goldmine for finding discounts and coupons for Publix. Once you find a good deal keep in mind that many pharmacies accept competitor’s coupons and savings.

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